Famous Irish Authors and Books

There are many great things about Ireland, such as its football team, the home of the famous Guinness stout, the birthplace of the Kennedys and its famous son, St Patrick. Besides these significant achievements, another section of society that has placed Ireland on the global map is its compelling Irish authors. Ireland boasts some of the world’s best authors. These authors have written on many subjects such as Irish culture, history, politics and personal stories. In this website, you will find information on famous Irish books and authors.

Famous Irish Books

You will be spoilt for choice when having to pick a book by Irish authors from a bookshelf. This section of the website will help make your decision less ponderous and confusing. You may start with the following titles:

  • Angelas Ashes by Frank McCourt recounts the personal story of McCourt’s early life and the tough struggles his family had to endure. It is a story that will make you sad but relieved at the triumph of love and determination.
  • Ulysses by James Joyce has been hailed as a literary classic. Written over a period spanning seven years, Ulysses details the struggles of Stephen and Bloom in their quest for eternity. The popularity of this masterpiece has even made it on to Ireland’s annual calendar of events, with June 16th as Bloomsday, a day set aside to celebrate the author, James Augustine Aloysius Joyce.

Famous Irish Authors

Ireland punches above its weight when it comes to literary matters. Some of the most famous names in the Irish literary scene include WB Yeats, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Maeve Binchy and Anne Enright. These authors have written about diverse aspects such as love and relationships, family struggles, Irish society and culture. You will learn a lot of Irish facts that will also open your eyes to contemporary issues in modern society.